Chinachem wants witness who saw similar will

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 02 June, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 02 June, 2009, 12:00am

The Chinachem Charitable Foundation says it wants to call a witness who will prove the existence of so-called fung shui wills, crucial to the battle for control of Nina Wang Kung Yu-sum's fortune.

Vincent Kwok could testify he had seen a will almost identical to the one that Chinachem's rival, Tony Chan Chun-chuen, had claimed would make him heir to Wang's HK$100 billion estate, barrister Benjamin Yu SC said.

'One could not help but be struck by the wording,' the Chinachem lawyer told Mr Justice Johnson Lam Man-hon at the Court of First Instance trial yesterday. 'This is relevant.'

The court heard that Mr Kwok had seen Mr Chan's will published in a newspaper after Wang's death from cancer in 2007. He wrote to Wang's siblings, telling them he had seen an almost identical will.

Mr Chan's document, written in English, looked like the one Mr Kwok had drawn up with the help of a fung shui enthusiast named Charles Chan, a man who had a 'loose association' with Chinachem's rival, the trial heard.

Chinachem had alleged the document in Mr Chan's possession was actually a fung shui will that should have been burned in a funeral ritual.

It said the 'rest, residue and remainder' of Wang's estate should be left to Mr Chan after Wang's relatives and others were looked after.

But Chinachem had claimed that Wang's 2002 will left her money to the charity.

Mr Justice Lam would decide whether Mr Kwok could testify after hearing arguments today from Mr Chan's legal team, which had opposed Chinachem's request.

Also yesterday, the trial was told that solicitor Winfield Wong Wing-cheung would be called back to the witness stand.

Mr Wong has already testified for several days about a document that he witnessed for Wang in 2006.

He has insisted that he witnessed a so-called partial will that left about HK$10 million to a person surnamed Chan, just a fraction of Wang's estate.

It was unclear why he was being called back to testify.