Indie singer takes online revenge on unsuspecting hack

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 06 June, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 06 June, 2009, 12:00am

Fellow hacks, beware! Whatever you do, don't ever upset Ah P, songwriter and front man of indie band My Little Airport. Or you might find yourself immortalised in one of his ditties and your name posted all over YouTube. This was, I take it, what happened to Ivy, a reporter with youth and lifestyle magazine Face.

A while ago, Ah P wrote a song with a naughty title, Donald Tsang, Please Die, about the chief executive's recent gaffe about June 4. Ivy called and did an interview.

According to the lyrics from Dedicated to Magazine Reporter Ivy, Ah P told her repeatedly not to mention where he worked and Ivy said she wouldn't because she didn't even know what kind of job he had.

But when the article came out, Ah P sang that Ivy actually called his ultimate boss, who was none other than TVB general manager and celebrated Be My Guest host Stephen Chan Chi-wan, to ask him what he thought about Ah P's song about the chief executive.

From the anguished voice of Ah P, available on YouTube:

'Ivy, I know you by nature are not such a person.

'You and I both earn lowly wages to sell our souls.

'But when companies make staff redundant, they don't worry about social responsibility.

'Why work so hard you even have to sell your conscience?'

Ivy told LoDown it was all a misunderstanding and that it had been cleared up between them.

'I heard about [the ditty]. We have reached an understanding after that,' she said. 'He is no longer upset, but it's best you talk to him - he's the aggravated party after all.'

Ah P did not return calls.