New Trekking right on track

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 07 June, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 07 June, 2009, 12:00am

Like snuggling your old teddy, Star Trek delivers all the familiar comfort fans have come to expect from the epic franchise. JJ Abrams directs a superbly matched cast, bringing together a sense of history, drama, humour and pure nostalgia in a movie that is perfect for summer viewing.

The daunting mission of giving the iconic sci-fi series a 2009 makeover has been successfully accomplished: not only has it been deemed a resounding success by fans but it has attracted a host of new followers.

You could almost set your watch by the turns in the plot, but that won't stop the excitement of even young viewers as each new character appears.

Chris Pine makes an excellent young James T. Kirk. He could physically pass as William Shatner's younger brother and he has Kirk's mannerisms down pat, without seeming to ridicule the character. Zachary Quinto is a convincing Spock and the appearance of Leonard Nimoy - the original Spock - is stirring.

Simon Pegg is brilliant as Montgomery Scott, the Enterprise's future engineer, delivering his time-honoured catch phrases with aplomb.

Abrams lays out a visual feast with spectacular fight scenes, great aliens and monsters and impressive shots of the Starship Enterprise. The enemy warship is mind-boggling.

Set your phasers to 'stunning'.

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