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PUBLISHED : Monday, 08 June, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 08 June, 2009, 12:00am

Reading comprehension

Answer the following questions

1 When did the cross-dressing tradition stop thriving in opera?

a. late 20th century

b. early 1900s

c. early 20th century

d. late 1900s

2 Why was it thought men could do a better job of portraying women?

a. women's bodies weren't the right shape

b. women were too beautiful

c. men could portray the strong ancient Chinese female

d. characters of warrior women are better played by men

3 How did other school students react to Paris Wong?

a. they supported him at his performances

b. they punched and kicked him

c. they embarrassed him in front of his parents

d. they bullied him and told him he should be in the girls' toilets

4 Why did Wong study filmmaking at the HKAPA?

a. his opera application was rejected

b. he wanted to acquire new skills

c. teachers said they could not accept a nandan student

d. he wanted to be in films

5 How old was Alan Tam when he began training?

a. 10

b. five

c. three

d. seven

Word power

Match the following words with their meanings below

1 awkward

2 cross-dressing

3 groom

4 taboo

5 troupe

6 variety

a. something that is not ok to be done in public

b. the act of wearing clothes typically associated with another gender, such as ties on women or heels on men

c. an assortment of different things

d. when someone feels uncomfortable

e. a group of performing artists

f. prepare someone for a task


June 1

Page 7:

Reading comprehension: 1. d, 2. a, 3. b, 4. b

Word power: 1. d, 2. a, 3. f, 4. b, 5. c, 6. e