PUBLISHED : Friday, 12 June, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 12 June, 2009, 12:00am

Guard your computer privacy

Recently, I heard about hackers spreading computer viruses through chat software, such as ICQ or MSN Messenger.

Some hackers may just be playing tricks on other computer users, perhaps just for fun. But actually they are bringing trouble to others.

Meanwhile, other hackers use their computer knowledge to create and release Trojans, to steal people's credit card numbers, e-mail accounts, or even files in their computers.

Not so long ago, Facebook was attacked by hackers, who sent messages inviting people to provide personal information on fake websites. Their Facebook accounts were hijacked and used to send spam to friends.

It is essential we protect our privacy by frequently changing our passwords and carrying out complete scans for computer viruses. If somebody sends you a mysterious message, do not open it.

Alex So Yiu-lun, The Chinese Foundation Secondary School

Give us a break from all the noise

I am writing to complain about noise from renovation and construction work. Hard-working families want a quiet home to retreat to.

All around the city there are buildings covered in green or grey material. Nobody seems to care about the ordinary people who have to put up with the noise that the workers are making.

Some mothers at home have to put up with the noise all day and friends I have spoken to tell me that they get so stressed that they can't do their homework. Would you like to come home to the screech of drills and the bang of hammers? Wouldn't you prefer to come home to a calm and unstressed mum who doesn't have to shout at you because of the noise?

The construction companies always apologise and say that the noise will stop, but it doesn't.

And the problem is not just noise and pollution, but also dirt and the smell of the tools and machines. All these have a physical effect on people's heath. The pollution can be bad for your lungs and can cause asthma and other respiratory diseases. In addition, the stress causes headaches and mental distress.

I urge readers to join me in protesting against this outrageous situation.

Alec Ferland

Raise awareness in a green manner

Hong Kong is committed to greening its environment, but the government continues to waste a lot of paper.

The government has spent millions making leaflets and publications promoting environmental awareness, and I doubt anyone will read them. I suggest the government get its message across through television.

I appreciate the message about the environment. But paper requires trees.

As for us, we can also help by shopping with our own bag, switching off electrical equipment when we are not using it and turning off lights when we go out.

If we really need to use paper, we should print on both sides.

Daniel Chu Siu-kai, International Christian Quality Music Secondary and Primary School

Life is a table covered with food

When I was little, every time a party came to an end, and after I had reluctantly said goodbye to my friends, I would ask my mother: 'Why couldn't we stay longer?'

She always said: 'If there is no end, there is no beginning; without sorrow, you cannot feel true happiness; without failure, you will never taste success.' Now I am older, I think of life as a long table laden with more food than I can imagine.

The sorrows, failures and other unsatisfying things are the less tasty dishes, whereas the successes, happy times and other positive things are the lick-your-lips ones.

I hope that after people read this, they will try to be more optimistic about the 'not-so-good' dishes on the table.

Vanessa Ma, Diocesan Girls' Junior School