Ketamine being cut with chalk, wall dust, social workers say

PUBLISHED : Friday, 19 June, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 19 June, 2009, 12:00am

Some drug dealers mix chalk powder, wall dust and Panadol with ketamine to maximise profits.

Social worker Ho Fung-kuen of Hong Kong Christian Service PS 33 said some drug dealers who had sought help from the centre had told social workers that ketamine purity had decreased.

'Dealers simply add white powder such as white chalk and wall dust to ketamine before selling it to students, while some mix sleeping pills or Ice into ketamine to make sure drug abusers don't get bored,' Ms Ho said. 'By adding other kinds of drugs into ketamine, young drug abusers don't easily build up tolerance to ketamine.' It only cost HK$100 for a gram of ketamine, she said, and students often paid just HK$20 or HK$30 each to share the cost.

Dr Fai Ming-wai of the Society for the Aid and Rehabilitation of Drug Abusers said many ketamine users suffered delusions and brain and kidney damage.

'They think some people are trying to harm them when nothing is happening,' Dr Fai said. 'One young drug abuser I came across in a rehabilitation centre was so paranoid that she just went crazy every time the light went off.'

He said ketamine users also suffered impaired memory and ability to react. 'They find it difficult to concentrate and focus on doing things. This damage is permanent. When they want to be high, they take ketamine mixed with Ice. After that, they want to relax by taking ketamine mixed with sleeping pills.'