PUBLISHED : Thursday, 09 July, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 09 July, 2009, 12:00am

Music by choice makes life fun

When I was younger, I hated music. I felt it meant nothing more than extra lessons and exams.

But once I stopped taking music lessons, my attitude began to change.

Last year, I decided to learn to play the guitar. Pressing against the strings was painful, and the time spent practising was a rare luxury once school started. And my skill level remained quite low.

But now, when I feel frustrated or stressed, I pick up my guitar and play for a while. I seem to improve each time, even though I'm not really practising. When I finish a song, I feel fulfilled and my stress disappears.

Maybe this is why people love music so much.

Yau Chun-hei, STFA Tam Pak Yu College

Communicate well for better bonds

Relationships between parents and children in Hong Kong seem less secure than in the past. Many people believe this is because of a lack of communication.

I think it's important to understand what effective communication is. It is not measured in quantity but quality. No matter how often a family communicates, if they do not make themselves understood, the communication is useless.

With this knowledge, it is quite easy to improve the relationship with our parents. Take action now, and build better family bonds.

King, Hang Seng School of Commerce

Don't be greedy; be a good citizen

When I was waiting for a friend at the MTR station recently, I saw something that really bothered me.

At a shop entrance, a woman opened her wallet and dropped some money. But she didn't realise this and left the shop. A security guard saw what happened and picked up the fallen notes.

I thought he was going to run after her and return the money to her, but he kept it.

As a security guard, he should have made an effort to follow the woman and give her the money. Part of his job is to ensure people's safety.

I don't think this is how a good citizen should behave. We are all Hongkongers and we should look after each other. We should never be so greedy.

Yanki Ho, Kit Sam Lam Bing Yim Secondary School

Slow down and live a more relaxed life

Hong Kong is a fast-paced city. People are always rushing to be somewhere or do something. Whether they're young children or elderly grandparents, Hongkongers are always on the move.

But all the rushing is not healthy. We are not robots, and we need to take a break.

Here's my advice to busy Hong Kong citizens.

First, drink a cup of hot milk, soya milk or water before bedtime. This will help you to sleep better.

Secondly, don't eat your meals too quickly because you can't digest the food properly. This is bad for your stomach and can also increase your stress level.

Finally, give yourself a break every two hours that you spend working.

Take five minutes to eat a snack, listen to music or stretch.

Remember, there is nothing more important than your health.

Ho Pui-shuen, The Chinese Foundation Secondary School