PUBLISHED : Saturday, 11 July, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 11 July, 2009, 12:00am

When English can be a disadvantage

English is the world language, but I am not sure whether it should be our medium of instruction.

In Japan, Germany, France and many other countries, the main emphasis is on the local languages. So why should we be taught in English?

First, English-medium teaching does not improve our English much. Students only use English as a tool to pass exams and tend to forget everything afterwards.

I have forgotten many English terms that were in last year's textbooks.

Secondly, English-medium teaching tends to result in lower exam scores because of low English standards.

According to research conducted by the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority, students generally achieved a higher pass percentage in most subjects after the mother-tongue teaching policy was implemented.

Thirdly, the quality of Hong Kong teachers is not good enough to teach in English, and students mostly make the same mistakes.

There is really no point in using English as a medium of instruction if the teachers themselves are not native speakers of the language they are teaching in.

Alex Siu Chun-yin, SKH Lam Kau Mow Secondary School

There is no need to abandon dogs

Many dogs are being abandoned because their owners think they can no longer afford to feed them.

This is terrible. Dogs are living creatures just like us. They remember their owners for the rest of their lives.

When dogs are abandoned, they feel sad and lonely and keep looking for their owners.

Dogs don't require much attention. No matter how poor the owner is, a dog will always remain at its owner's side.

Even a beggar can have a dog. Dogs don't care how wealthy their owner is. They continue to love their owners, no matter how poor they become.

Please don't abandon your dog. You can cut the budget and give it cheaper food. You can cancel bookings for grooming, which dogs don't actually need. You can even fire your maid, but don't abandon your dog.

Penguin Wu

Savouring French cuisine

One of the things I love about French cuisine is you enjoy your meal slowly. People in Hong Kong lead hectic lives and eat their meals like they are in a race.

The French treat food like an art, not something to be wolfed down on the run. Every meal is intended to be savoured.

Appreciating the cuisine of France is a good way to learn to respect food and appreciate the simple things in life.

So, come on Hong Kong, skip the fast food and the noodles, and take a moment to appreciate fine cuisine.

Human Ho, Tsuen Wan Public Ho Chuen Yiu Memorial College

Don't copy homework

I think copying other students' homework is stupid.

First, you learn nothing. Second, it won't help you in exams. Third, the person you copy from could get in trouble. Fourth, if you do it once, it could end up becoming a habit.

Finally, when you do badly in your exams, it can affect your future.

Yu Hoi-ying, Ko Lui Secondary School