On the shelf

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 12 July, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 12 July, 2009, 12:00am

1 We used to force purees through metal sieves using a rubber spatula and brute force - but much of the puree went to waste. Then we tried a food mill and we haven't looked back; the wastage is far less and it's a snap to clean (just run the blade counter-clockwise and it scrapes up whatever solids remain). With very soft mixtures, you don't even need to puree the fruit - the food mill pulps it and removes the skin and solid bits at the same time. The Moulin food mill comes with three discs (for fine, medium and rough purees) and costs HK$1,448 from PanHandler (tel: 2523 1672), in the Prince's Building, Central.

2 We cheat when using coconut - cracking a fresh coconut, scraping the flesh and then grating it is too much work. Finely shredded coconut doesn't have enough texture and we don't like the oversweet sweetened coconut. Bob's Red Mill unsweetened, medium-shred coconut is the answer, though it is unsulfured so it will darken in air. It's best to wrap it tightly and store in the fridge after opening. It's HK$34 for 340 grams from Oliver's, in the Prince's Building (tel: 2810 7710).