Gadget pouch in five steps

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 14 July, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 14 July, 2009, 12:00am

Finding the perfect, protective pouch for your gadgets can take hours, and they often cost a lot of money. Try making your own with materials from a department store or stationery shop, and save time and money. Use our simple, five-step approach to create a no-sweat, no-fuss pouch that you can customise any way you want.

Handmade crafts artist Libby Tong demonstrates her latest design for Young Post readers. Inspired by an old-fashioned envelope, Tong has created a trendy, retro pouch for your electronic gear. It's also perfect as a coin purse or to hold any loose bits and pieces.


1 pair of scissors

1 roll of felt

1 reel of thread - pick a colour to contrast or complement your felt

1 piece of thin string, about 25cm long

1 piece of cord, a few centimetres long (you could use a shoelace or piece of ribbon)

2 large buttons


1 Cut out a piece of paper which is slightly wider and slightly more than double the length of your gadget - the extra length will be a flap. Our template is the perfect size for an iPod, camera or larger phone. Pin the paper template onto a piece of felt and carefully cut it out.

2 Fold the bottom of the felt up to the flap and sew the sides together. Use a 'blanket stitch' to create a funky look - push the needle through the fabric from below, loop the thread from underneath up and over the needle, then pull the needle through.

3 Before completing the second side, take the cord, fold it in half and sew it into the side to create a strap for a key ring or neck strap. Finish sewing the edge of the envelope.

4 Take the buttons, sew one onto the flap and the other directly below it on the back of the envelope.

5 Tie each end of the thin string to avoid it coming apart, and then tie it securely around the button on the flap. To close your pouch and keep your gadget safe, simply wind the string around the lower button.