Your words for the summer

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 25 July, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 25 July, 2009, 12:00am

We've had oodles of entries for our Your Perfect Summer essay competition which closed yesterday. Hong Kong's budding writers have certainly been busy. Readers from all over Hong Kong have been writing about how they would spend their perfect summer, where they would like to spend it or who they would like to spend it with. Here are just two of the entries we've enjoyed reading.

Azaara Anna Perakath

My teachers' advice to be eco-friendly this summer reverberated in my ears. Some had suggested sustainable holidays; others had reinforced the idea of being environmentally friendly. As a volunteer for conservation group WWF, I had been selected to help in one of their conservation projects in the Amazon rainforest.

I pictured myself in the Amazon rainforest - treading along the forest floor, swinging on vines across the canopy and looking down at the layers of shrubs and foliage beneath me. Ideas began to evolve in my mind. I imagined planting more trees and coming up with campaigns to raise people's awareness of the effects of deforestation. The possibilities were endless.

I began my research, collecting all the necessary information I would need before embarking on a trip as crucial as this one. I was intrigued to find out more about the link between the state of the Amazon and the global environment. This is going to be a real adventure.

Today, rapid deforestation threatens the Amazon. As a volunteer, I could educate indigenous people on how natural resources can provide livelihoods without devastating the environment. They need to understand their role in the restoration and conservation of rainforests across the globe - before it's too late.

Time is precious. Every second wasted means more trees being hacked down by loggers, and increasing areas of tropical rainforests diminishing.

I sit at home now imagining being in close proximity to endangered species, standing amidst the earth's primary source of oxygen, and knowing that what I am about to do will make a difference and have a positive impact on our environment. The mere idea is exhilarating. I am one step closer to planting the seeds for a greener, better future.

Chan Wing-ki

The summer break came earlier this year because of swine flu. It broke up the term and ended all hopes of relaxing post-exam activities.

It was all right for me though, as the earlier holiday didn't delay or ruin any of my summer plans. It meant I will need additional biology and chemistry lessons in the coming weeks, which urged me to get my other plan started.

What is the other plan? Revision. As I am facing the inevitable stress of the A-level exams, I can't allow myself to take part in too many activities. My main activity this summer should be studying.

I have already engrossed myself in words by reading the Post, and I have thrown away my Sims 3 PC game in favour of self-study.

Am I quarantining myself? Of course not. For my favourite subject, English, I have joined the English drama class provided by Theatre Noir. I'm sure it will be really fun. And I have also persuaded my friends to join me in lots of sports this summer.

So please keep your fingers crossed that I will accomplish my plan this summer. And I wish you all a meaningful holiday.