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PUBLISHED : Monday, 03 August, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 03 August, 2009, 12:00am

The fashion cycle is one crazy joyride. In the scorching heat of July and August, when the rest of the world is basking under the Ibiza sun or scrutinising the scantily clad bodies in Mykonos, I'm thinking - and writing - about the clothes we'll be seeing in stores soon. It's 35 degrees Celsius and I'm on my balcony, sipping a glass of lemonade, dressed in shorts and a thin Hanes T-shirt.

It's hard to think of coats and double-faced cashmere sweaters in this heat, so I'll ease myself into autumn by pointing out - in my opinion - the season's best collection: Italo Zucchelli's collection for Calvin Klein (4) because it's modern and polished. The collection features mostly suits but done in a way that they follow the shape of the body - razor sharp but not stifling, slim but not rigid. Plus, they bear no resemblance to the Wall Street suits of yore; those suits are anachronisms of the decade of extravagance and crashing stock markets.

Clothes are a modern man's armour, and with this collection, expect to win every battle. More relaxed versions of this aesthetic can be seen at Hermes.

Looking at this season's collections, I'm relieved to see there are hardly any 1980s references, unlike in the women's section where the clothes seemed to have jumped off the set of Dynasty or The Nanny. I don't know if I want to look like Sid Vicious or a young Mick Jagger. I once dressed like a member of Menudo - but I was only 13 then.

However, I must say I'm loving the pops of neon seen on the catwalks. Michael Kors showed hints of Day Glo green and orange on all-black ensembles. I find that rather refreshing and uplifting. I also can't wait to get my hands on that hot raspberry-esque fuchsia shirt (2) from Gucci's Look 1. Imagine it peeking out from a charcoal grey topcoat. How about adding an acid orange necktie to one of the very dark looks from Prada? Sublime. For a stronger punch, Hermes has trousers and trench coats in taxicab yellow.

In previous columns, I've written about my dislike for the thin scarf and T-shirt look favoured by the teenagers from Mongkok. This is not to say I am against all scarves. They make great accessories - when it's cold. Not when it's sunny and you're wearing a short sleeve T-shirt. Looking at the Louis Vuitton collection, I'm now obsessed with those voluminous scarves (1) that are bundled twice - and even thrice - on the models' necks. They showed similar styles at Burberry Prorsum and Gianfranco Ferr?

Dolce & Gabbana continued the sleepwear trend from spring. Where last season they showed suiting in pyjama fabric and style, this season they made clothes out of duvets. While a lot of editors are raving about the quilted silk trousers, I prefer to invest in the more sensible windowpane trousers in feather grey, paired with a shawl-collared velvet blazer.

But of all the clothes on the autumn runways, the ones I'll embrace like a second skin are the looks from Bottega Veneta (3): they are a stunning study on shades of nudes, cream and beiges. A tan cashmere turtleneck paired with a camel velvet blazer and beige wool trousers or a white turtleneck with an ecru sport coat and khaki pants is my favourite colour scheme. Imagine wearing these looks in winter when everyone else is in dark sombre clothes. Such resplendence.

Shopping list

Bottega Veneta, The Landmark, Central, tel: 2973 0882

Calvin Klein collection and Michael Kors at Harvey Nichols, The Landmark, tel: 3695 3388

Dolce & Gabbana, Alexandra House, Central, tel: 2877 5558

Gucci, The Landmark, tel: 2524 4492

Louis Vuitton, The Landmark, tel: 8100 1182

Prada, Alexandra House, tel: 2522 2989