Snake seeks safety of home at Happy Valley property agency

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 06 August, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 06 August, 2009, 12:00am

A wee bit of wildlife wound its way into a city adventure yesterday. The metre-long green snake slithered on to Sing Woo Road in Happy Valley around lunchtime.

The harmless reptile is usually found in gardens and it's rare that the snake would expose itself in such a concrete environment. Nevertheless, this one found itself not so happy in Happy Valley.

After it was spotted, the snake tried to make a quick exit and ended up outside a Centaline Property agency's window, where an intrepid reader snapped this image (below left).

Bravely, a few of Hong Kong's finest lined a box with a garbage bag and successfully coaxed the snake into it. Everyone including the snake is safe and sound.

Of course, for most of us city dwellers seeing any sort of scaly serpent is a bit frightening. Luckily, the bloke who took the picture happens to be Gavin McDougall from the Australian consulate, and we know all Aussies enjoy walkabouts in the Outback and wrangling gigantic, lethal vipers.

'Ya, this one was a tiddlywink,' McDougall kidded.

By the way, you can make your own jokes about snakes and property agents.