Sony PRS-300 Reader

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 09 August, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 09 August, 2009, 12:00am


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The only form of media that hasn't really gone digital - at least in Hong Kong - is books. While you can download music, films and TV shows from the internet, you still need to buy your books at the store.

With Sony's latest Reader, the PRS-300, you get a pocket-size electronic gadget with a 5-inch display that lets you download, and read, your favourite titles.

Like previous versions of the Reader, the PRS-300 features the E-Ink Vizlex Electronic paper display, which is said to closely resemble the look and feel of actual ink on paper.

With the internal memory, you can store up to 350 books, while the battery is capable of running for two weeks on a single charge.

The biggest problem is that the Sony e-Library, that supports the Reader, only lets you download books in the US, or the UK - perhaps Sony thinks Hongkongers don't read. Also, there is no wireless connectivity, so you need to physically connect the Reader to a PC to make downloads.

Besides e-books, the Reader will also display text, PDF, and various photo file formats, as well as MP3 and AAC audio files. You can even import Microsoft Word files into the device, so it can act as storage for your documents.

There is no mention of support for Chinese or other languages. And it would be nice if Hong Kong residents could download books without flying overseas.

The Sony PRS-300 Reader sells for US$199 (HK$1,540).

Pros: loads of books in one place, long battery life, pocket-size for portability

Cons: can't download books in Hong Kong, no wireless, no memory expansion

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