PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 12 August, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 12 August, 2009, 12:00am

Grateful to a hard-working teacher

There are two kinds of teachers at my school. One type hopes students are on autopilot when it comes to studying and revision. The other type is willing to prepare notes and give students assignments.

I feel grateful to have a teacher who spends most of her time preparing handouts for us. Although we still groan when she gives out tests and assignments, we all understand how much time she has spent preparing.

Thanks a lot, Miss. Thanks for giving us these exercises. Thanks for spending your own time on us.

We will show you the time which you have spent is worthwhile. We will work hard and do well in our exams.

Hei-man, STFA Tam Pak Yu College

Real life is not a gangster movie

Teenage gang brawls are a serious social problem. These young people are violent and impulsive. They don't think about the consequences of their action. These fights often result from a lack of moral education. The teenagers don't understand that their behaviour is wrong. I believe schools should do more to teach moral education.

But youngsters are also influenced by triad-themed movies. While these movies may be of artistic value, most young viewers only care about the violence.

Such influences can encourage young people, especially young men, to choose a violent way to solve problems. But these actions are often illegal.

Schools should also teach students to control their emotions and avoid impulsive, violent reactions.

Ho Chun-Ho, King Ling College

Learn the joys of independent travel

Many reports show that Hong Kong people love travel. But the majority choose organised tours because they feel more confident leaving someone else to plan their excursions and travel plans.

But in my experience, independent travel is far more enjoyable than organised tours.

Although leaving plans up to a travel company takes a lot of stress off your hands, it also prevents you from making your own decisions about what you want to see. It's harder to get close to local culture if you are just following a tour guide and jumping on and off a bus.

Independent travel also offers more freedom. For example, on tours, you often have to spend a lot of time shopping. Time spent in museums or at cultural venues is very short.

Next time you plan a holiday, do your own research and make your own plans. I believe going on a trip you've arranged yourself is far more rewarding.

Leung Ling-yu, Kit Sam Lam Bing Yim Secondary School

Time needed for mainland changes

The mainland has only recently become a 'superpower'. It opened its doors to international trade 30 years ago, which changed the country's ideology, economy and social rules.

It's only natural there are still a lot of unresolved issues.

Three examples are the lack of racial harmony, the widened gap between the rich and poor, and worries over food safety.

Some people believe democracy is the best solution. But I believe a better solution would be the elimination of bureaucracy and corruption.

Gradual improvement will be better for the country than a lot of quick, half-hearted changes.

Kristy Chow Ching-yee, Leung Shek Chee College