logic problems & word flowers

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 12 August, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 12 August, 2009, 12:00am

Six actors are about to play the title roles in six different Shakespeare plays, all at different theatres. Can you work out which actor is starring in which play, at which theatre and how long it is before their play opens?

1 The actor whose play starts in three weeks is not playing Richard III.

2 The actor whose play starts in six weeks is not playing King Lear.

3 George Rooney starts in seven weeks at the Apollo as Julius Caesar.

4 Denzel Wishington is not playing Macbeth.

5 Sean Cannery's play is not starting in three weeks.

6 The actor whose play starts in a week is starring as Hamlet at the Adelphi.

7 Brad Pett's play starts in two weeks at the Palace.

8 Russell Crowd is appearing at the Globe.

9 The actor whose play opens in eight weeks is not appearing the Garrick.

10 Russell Crowd's play is not starting in six weeks.

11 The actor who is appearing at the Garrick is playing Macbeth.

12 Sean Cannery will be at the Palladium.

13 The actor whose play starts in two weeks is not playing Othello.

14 Brad Pett is not appearing as Richard III.

15 Tom Crews' play does not start in three weeks.

Flower puzzle

Put the 19 six-letter words into the 19 numbered cells. The letters in the words must be written clockwise. The letters at the edges of interlocking cells must be the same. We have given you the word in cell 10 (saying) and one letter in four other cells as clues.













saying (10)








Logic problem: Brad Pett - King Lear - Palace - starts in two weeks; Denzel Wishington - Hamlet - Adelphi - starts in one week; George Rooney - Julius Caesar - Apollo - starts in seven weeks; Russell Crowd - Othello - Globe -starts in three weeks; Sean Cannery - Richard III - Palladium - starts in eight weeks; Tom Crews - Macbeth - Garrick - starts in six weeks

Word flower: 1. noises, 2. remain, 3. icicle, 4. stairs, 5. claims, 6. keeper, 7. raises, 8. likely, 9. slaves, 10. saying, 11. sister, 12. legend, 13. tilted, 14. ladies, 15. enters, 16. houses, 17. insect, 18. seated, 19. talker