Staying young not cheap with cocktail of gold and caviar

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 13 August, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 13 August, 2009, 12:00am

It's a universal paradox that the old want to be young and the very young wish they were older. South Korean beauty products maker Skin Food held a launch event on Tuesday at the W Hotel to plug a new Gold Caviar skincare line that supposedly recaptures youth.

The essence of the firm's products derives from edible goods. This time it's using gold foil and caviar.

We're not sure about their real benefits for the skin but anyone who's ever overpaid for a meal can tell you these ingredients certainly help to jack up an entree's price.

Of course, to tout the goods the brand recruited a batch of female celebrities, including Janet Ma Sze-wai, television host Zoie Tam Hoi-kei, model Janice Man Wing-shan (right in picture) and young singer G.E.M. (left).

To give the presenters something more to do than just stand around, Man and G.E.M. were also invited to mix cocktails with the W Hotel's bartender using the two ingredients.

Both gals were a little clumsy, spilling some of their mixed drinks. However, G.E.M. couldn't even try her own cocktail since she's not 18 yet.

'I still have five days to go to turn 18,' the singer admitted. 'Every time, when I attend some cocktail event, my champagne glass would be taken away as soon as the toasting is done. There are three things I really want to do when I am an adult: first, I want to get my driving licence. Then I want to try some alcohol, and third, I want to watch some category-three movies because I still haven't seen Lust, Caution yet.'

Of course, in a week's time she can officially worry about getting old too.