Officials should turn down bid for resort complex on Lamma

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 01 September, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 01 September, 2009, 12:00am

I am grateful to the South China Morning Post for exposing what developers want to build on Lamma Island ('Developer seeks new government office's backing for Lamma resort', August 24) and the letter by J. Chow opposing yet more concrete for the island ('Plan for large resort will put at risk Lamma's precious heritage', August 29).

I think it is time the government came clean and told the people [exactly] what the developer wants, instead of banishing it to the new Development Opportunities Office.

The closed-door discussions and approval given to one company for the Cyberport project left a very sour taste in many people's mouths. It must not be allowed to happen again.

The developer building Cyberport abandoned the original concept, and the inevitable shopping malls, hotel, offices and flats were built.

What we effectively had was more real estate and, of course, more concrete. And, of course, Cyberport has made a lot of money for the developer. Lamma must not be allowed to suffer the same fate.

The government must stand firm and, when considering any applications, must consider the interests of the public and not those of the developers.

When projects like, for example, Cyberport and power plants, are given the go-ahead and are built in Hong Kong, these decisions cannot be reversed.

Mistakes may have been made, but we do not need to allow things to go from bad to worse.

As your correspondent pointed out, there are not many places in the special administrative region where one can escape to a serene world which is so full of history and has a rich heritage.

If the developer believes there is a need for a marina, why not consider Causeway Bay, where there is already a typhoon shelter?

Did the company opt for Lamma because land is cheap and it would expect substantial profits if it bought farmland and built luxury apartments?

The government must not give in.

We have had enough of such projects. Officials should turn down the application for the proposed development.

R. Mackellar, Lamma