Positivity support

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 02 September, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 02 September, 2009, 12:00am

It's time to go back to school. But if you're dreading the return to the classroom, Young Post has some ways to increase your positive energy and help you look forward to it.

The first step, according to energy healer Decen Wong, is to reset your body clock to 'school time'. Like getting over jetlag, it's important to get used to the change in schedule.

The next step, Wong says, is 'space clearing' - cleaning up your room and belongings and keeping them clean and tidy.

'Your room, in particular, has to be neat; dump all rubbish, and recycle unused items or donate them,' she says. 'Don't pile up useless things in your room.'

In particular, it's important not to store anything under your bed.

'When you sleep, you have to let everything go in order to enter a subconscious state completely,' she says. 'Even if you have to store things under your bed to save space, try not to place books or electronic devices there', as books, she explains, make you think and electronic devices carry too much negative energy.

Wong says your bedroom represents you: it is where you spend around a third of your day, so if it is chaotic, this chaos will be reflected in your life and physical state. If things are trapped in our room, our energy flow and emotions will be clogged and affected.

Wong says it's important not to rely on others, like your domestic helper or mum, to clean your room.

'If she's unhappy or in a bad mood, her negative energy will flow into it,' she says. An added bonus of doing it yourself, Wong says, is that 'a lot of precious memories will flow back into your head and boost your positive energy when you dig up old photo albums, diaries and books'.

Rather than trying to ward off negative energy, Wong says saving up and boosting positive energy is a more effective path to success.

Another easy - and fashionable - way to have an untroubled school year is through crystal healing. According to Georgiana Chau, owner of a crystal speciality shop in Central, wearing the right crystal helps to release bad energy and to retain positive energy.

'Each crystal has a unique energy field and different people have a different sensibility towards the rocks. It's really down to the buyer to choose the right one.'

To pick the right crystal for you, you need to be calm, clear your mind and hold the stone. You may feel something - warmth, tingling or numbness is common - and the stronger the sensation, the better suited you are to the rock.

Certain crystals are believed to enhance different aspects of life. For example, Chau says rock crystal is widely used to attain a clear mind and improve concentration, so it is a good option for students.

'If you're not allowed to wear bracelets at school, you can put a rock crystal globe or tower on your desk at home or usual revision spot - anywhere the energy field can reach the body.'

For a successful school term, a healthy body and good interpersonal relationships are as important as good grades. Chau suggests wearing rutilated quartz and smoky quartz to boost good health, while rose quartz strengthens relationships.

When you have 'your' crystal, you should rinse it with distilled water for about five minutes to purify it before wearing. This helps it become attuned to you. You should not let anyone else touch it.

'Many people mistreat their crystals,' she adds. 'There are a lot of sayings about putting crystals in the fridge, soaking them in salty water or keeping them in the sun. But these may destroy the crystals' structure and should be avoided.'