Factory girls

PUBLISHED : Friday, 04 September, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 04 September, 2009, 12:00am

Left: embellished top (HK$15,210) by Chlo?. Skirt (HK$11,900) by Louis Vuitton. Patent-leather gloves by Giorgio Armani (enquiries 2532 7700). Right: bra (HK$1,600) and sheer dress (HK$4,400) both by Mui Mui. Belt (HK$2,300) and gloves (HK$4,950) both by Prada. Assembly line (from left): yellow satin platform heels (HK$6,500) by D&G. Leopard-skin pumps (HK$10,800) by Jimmy Choo. Beige/mint green heels (HK$4,650) by Mui Mui. Boots (HK$12,600) by Jimmy Choo.

Left: deep V-neck dress (HK$49,000) and bra (HK$1,600) both by Mui Mui. Beige leather gloves with rose detail (HK$3,300) by Salvatore Ferragamo. Flesh-coloured ankle boots (HK$5,350) by Mui Mui. Right: iridescent green and black embroidered lmini dress with black patent inserts (HK$32,550) and Lurex leggings (HK$3,350) by Gucci. Assembly line: mint-green heels, pink lambskin and patent calf T-strap shoes with white ring and pink leopard-skin pumps, as before.

Left: puff dress (HK$23,900) by Louis Vuitton. Elbow-length gloves (HK$10,500) by Armani. Rose-pattern leather choker (HK$1,900) by Salvatore Ferragamo. Platform heels (HK$11,000) by Loewe. Jetson boots (HK$12,600) by Jimmy Choo. Right: silk crepe short-sleeved dress with sash (HK$17,950) by Gucci. Cut gloves (HK$3,300) by Armani. clutch (HK$23,400) by Jimmy Choo. Gold/black heels (HK$6,690) by Moschino Cheap and Chic. Assembly line from top: beige/mint heels by Mui Mui, as before. Pink leopard-skin pumps by Jimmy Choo, as before.

Left: dress (HK$9,290) by Marc Jacobs. Gloves by Armani. Pumps (HK$10,600) by Louis Vuitton. Right: fur-sleeved coat (HK$149,700) by Dolce & Gabbana. Cavallino dress (HK$54,000) by Loewe.

Top: multi-coloured leopard-print dress by Blumarine. Beige/mint green heels by Mui Mui, as before. Bottom: silk crepe de chine mini (HK$18,570) by Gucci. Shoes (HK$11,000) by Loewe. Assembly line top row (left to right): gold heels by Moschino Cheap and Chic, as before. Lambskin shoes with white ring by Chanel, as before. Satin platform shoes (HK$6,500) by D&G. Pink leopard-skin heels by Jimmy Choo, as before. Bottom row (left to right): pink purse (HK$9,750) by Mui Mui. Yellow jewelled clutch (HK$13,000) by D&G. Pink heels (HK$4,150) by Mui Mui. Ankle boots (HK$11,000) by Salvatore Ferragamo.

Photos Nick D for precursorprints.com
Stylist Essy Chiu vs. 2 Dirty Guys
Makeup Lesley Ho
Hair Addem Lo
Assistant Rio Lam
Models Tina for Elite Models, Anna for Model Management