PUBLISHED : Saturday, 05 September, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 05 September, 2009, 12:00am

Groping cannot be tolerated

Groping is not a serious problem on public transport in Hong Kong. But this does not mean we should ignore it. We have a duty to protect women who use buses, trams and trains, especially during peak hours.

There are a number of ways to help solve this problem. First, we can install CCTV cameras inside trains to thwart offenders who may think twice before touching women.

Second, I think women-only rail carriages during rush hour is a good idea. There is a similar system in Japan and several other countries.

The MTR should implement these measures on a trial basis. If they are successful, they can be permanent features of our railway system.

Karen Chan, True Light Girls' College

Need to educate internet users

Welfare group Caritas Youth and Community Service interviewed 2,500 people aged 13 to 25 about their knowledge of cyberspace law late last year. More than 40 per cent of the interviewees failed to pass the test. This is very disappointing.

This shows young people's ignorance of cyberspace law and the government's failure to promote proper use of the internet.

I think the mass media is an effective tool to educate young internet users about the law.

The law is struggling to keep up with the rapid evolution of the internet. So education is the best way to raise teenagers' awareness of cyberspace laws.

In addition, the school curriculum should include lessons on moral values, internet ethics and sex education.

Youngsters should have a correct attitude towards sex because many of them download pornographic materials from the internet simply out of curiosity or boredom.

Also, schools should organise talks or seminars on cyberspace laws. Then students would be more willing to consider new ideas and concepts proposed by the experts.

Nicky Chau, St Antonius Girls' College

Sport shows value of teamwork

I attended a rugby clinic during the summer holidays. Previously, I had seen rugby on television and played it with my friends. But I did not know the rules.

After taking part in the training session, I realised that teamwork is the key to success in rugby. If you don't trust your teammates or don't communicate with them properly, you can never be a good player.

Actually, team spirit and co-operation are essential not only in team sports but also in school and the workplace.

For example, during group assignments, trust, communication and team spirit are essential.

Maggie Ho

Everyone deserves a second chance

Christian Zheng Sheng College's proposal to move into a vacant school in Mui Wo has angered residents there. The college is Hong Kong's only private school for young drug abusers.

The residents are worried that the relocation could harm Mui Wo's image and affect its peaceful environment.

I think they are focusing too much on the students. Everybody makes mistakes, and the wrong-doers deserve a second chance.

According to news reports, students have admitted their mistakes and are willing to change. One student even got good results in the HKCEE which shows there is still a future for these youngsters.

I really hope Zheng Sheng students will not lose faith or confidence after this incident.

Their present premises is overcrowded so they have decided to relocate. It's a sensible decision. Mui Wo residents should show their generosity and community spirit by accepting these students.

Naomi Ng, St Paul's School (Lam Tin)



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