Taking a dive is in

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 02 April, 1994, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 02 April, 1994, 12:00am

IT may surprise many people but scuba diving is gaining popularity in Hong Kong.

Anthony Ho Chi-sung, organiser of the boat display at the show for local company Bunn's Sportoo, said: ''Every year, we see an increase of 35 to 40 per cent in the number of people attending our training courses.'' Lower pollution levels on the north-eastern side of Hong Kong made it safe to dive there, Mr Ho said, although visibility in Hong Kong water was often less than five metres.

Bunn's will be displaying its scuba diving equipment at the boat show: breathing apparatus; buoyancy compensators (for going up and down in the water); depth gauges; and suits.

A full set of equipment - excluding the air tank, which most people prefer to rent because it must be refilled each time - can be bought for about $10,000. Bunn's is also inviting the public to look around its divers' shop, the DiversPro.

Bunn's 78-foot-long boat features a special diving room equipped with 70 full scuba tanks.

The boat has two features to make entering and leaving the water easy: a platform that can be dropped to one metre below sea level; and a ladder that stretches down into the water.

It has a front deck for sunbathing and other luxuries, such as a carpeted living room, a VIP room, four bedrooms, and that perennial essential of Hong Kong life - karaoke.

Bunn's also has a few exhibits to please landlubbers at the show.