This week we test: men's deodorant

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 06 September, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 06 September, 2009, 12:00am

In Hong Kong's long-lasting summer, deodorant is a crucial product for everyone to keep you clean, dry and odour-free.

Lush Aromaco Deodorant Bar (HK$79/100g; minimum purchase 120g)

A clean, fresh, masculine smell, but the retro hunk of soap look makes it quite difficult to apply and store.

Tel: 2525 0083

Origins No Offence Alcohol-free deodorant (HK$100)

This deodorant has a nice, light scent. It offers long-lasting protection against odour and sweat. Avoid contact with broken skin, though.

Tel: 3188 1826

Mukti Deodorant & Body Spray (HK$289)

Mildly scented with lavender and sandalwood, this keeps you dry and odour-free for hours. It's slightly expensive, but its dual purpose and great smell make it worth the investment. Ideal for outdoor activities and sports.

Tel: 3741 1398

Fancl Deo-crystal (HK$295)

This may seem expensive, but the crystal-like solid bar last for ages. Wet before application and apply for scent-free protection from sweat and odour. Suitable for females, too.

Tel: 8223 2625

Clarinsmen Deo Stick (HK$150)

Reasonably priced product in a conveniently sized container comes with a refreshing scent that will make you feel like you've just stepped out of the shower.

Tel: 2994 6238