Q. So you think you know pop culture...

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 06 September, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 06 September, 2009, 12:00am

Q. so you think you know pop culture...

1. In Chinese astrology, what is next year's zodiac sign?

2. The Cleveland Show is a spinoff of which animated sitcom?

3. What does the SMS text abbreviation TMI stand for?

4. Who is English celebrity chef Nigella Lawson (right) married to?

5. Where was melon liqueur Midori (far right) first distilled?

6. Which Australian broadcaster's 1979 autobiography was titled Unreliable Memoirs?

7. What sort of food are 'potstickers'?

8. Which American tenor saxophonist was nicknamed 'Prez' by Billie Holiday?

9. Gary Oldman portrays which gay British playwright in the 1987 biopic Prick Up Your Ears?

10. Which seminal British rock band played what is now the Baptist University in February 1982?


1. Tiger; 2. Family Guy; 3. Too Much Information; 4. Charles Saatchi; 5. Japan; 6. Clive James; 7. Dumplings; 8. Lester Young; 9. Joe Orton; 10. The Clash