PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 08 September, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 08 September, 2009, 12:00am

Internship scheme means new chances

The government recently launched an internship programme to help university graduates secure work. Due to the economic downturn, many graduates are struggling to find work.

But some graduates complain there are not enough opportunities. They are relying on the government to help them find better jobs.

Many people have lost their jobs in this difficult economic time. Many of them were unskilled workers earning a small income.

Instead of grumbling, graduates who don't get a job should use their time to do volunteer work or learn extra skills to make their resume more impressive.

Those lucky enough to get an internship should be grateful for the opportunity, and take the chance to learn as much about the working world as possible.

Although internships are not permanent jobs, they are a great opportunity to learn and gain experience.

Fanny Li, Shun Lee Catholic Secondary School

Find more time for exercise

According to research, most Hong Kong people do not exercise regularly. Many of them say are too busy to exercise on weekdays. Some even have to work or study at the weekends so they're too tired to exercise.

But I think these are just excuses.

Exercise is good for our health and makes us stronger. If we don't exercise regularly, our body will become weak and we will feel tired all the time.

It's easy to include a little exercise every day. You can get off the bus one stop earlier than usual and walk home. Instead of watching TV or playing computer games, you could call your friends and play a ball game or go swimming.

If you can make the time to do a little exercise, you'll soon feel the difference. You won't be out of breath so easily, and you'll be able to eat without gaining excessive weight. Your muscles won't ache and you'll sleep better.

Make an effort to move and you'll be on your way to a healthier, happier life.

Anthony Ching Chun-hin, Po Leung Kuk No.1 W.H. Cheung College

Finding harmony while on stage

I recently took part in my school musical. I played a sister at an abbey.

I quickly learned I had to follow the teachers' suggestions. I had to smile a lot because I was performing, but I also needed to show a serious side, as I was playing a nun.

I learned the importance of teamwork. When we co-operated well, the performance - and the experience - was much better.

I was delighted with the results. I really enjoyed acting, and the show was a success because of all our hard work and co-operation.

Nicole Kwok Hei-tung

Bosses should act responsibly

I think some employers are irresponsible and use excuses to avoid their obligations.

On the mainland, for example, some construction workers recently complained they had not been paid fairly.

It doesn't seem right that people are not being compensated for their work, and then have to spend a lot of money taking legal action against their bosses.

If I were an employer, I would pay my workers on time. If the relationship between workers and employer is good, the company will be more successful.

I believe governments should step in to ensure full wages are paid on time to avoid clashes. Workers should be protected so business can run smoothly.

Chau Yiu-hung