Top tips: hot highlights

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 08 September, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 08 September, 2009, 12:00am

Priscilla Mui, education manager with Clinique, tells how to make the most of highlighters and blushers.

'For better control, start with less product and add more as you go. Use a highlighter only where you need it. Choose a colour lighter than your skin and apply on the high points of features you want to be brought out.

'Shadowing can add depth to the features. Choose a darker than your skin tone to create depth or to give the impression a feature is receding.

'Shimmer and pearlised powders make great highlighters. A non-shimmering bronzer works best for shading. For a more defined nose, highlight the top of the nose and bridge with a lighter colour and shade the sides with a deeper colour. Blend the edge where the two colours meet with a clean brush. For a more chiselled look, highlight high points of the face with a lighter colour and apply deeper colour at the temples, under the cheekbones and jawline. Pink or apricot blushes work on most skin tones. Don't only apply the blush to the cheeks; try it on the temples, forehead and tip of the nose.

'Understanding the basics of face shapes also helps blush application: Triangular face: blush goes directly on the cheekbone. Blend using a slight curve towards the temples to soften. Round face: blush goes slightly under the cheekbone. Blend straight up towards temple to create an angle. Oval face: blush goes on cheekbone. Blend towards temple in a straight line to broaden the face.'

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