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PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 15 September, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 15 September, 2009, 12:00am

Reading comprehension

Read each question carefully and circle the correct answer.

1 According to Professor Vincent Lee Hon-leung, why should drug prescription and dispensing be separated?

a. It would safer for patients.

b. It would be cheaper.

c. It would make for better healthcare.

d. It would make patient monitoring more effective.

2 What is the average number of medications people younger than 65 have?

a. 65

b. 13

c. 28

d. Unknown

3 Mismanaged drug regiments are the ... leading cause of death worldwide.

a. third

b. fourth

c. fifth

d. sixth

e. seventh

4 Which country still allows doctors to prescribe and dispense drugs?

a. the mainland

b. Korea

c. Indonesia

d. Japan

e. None of the above

5 According to Hong Kong Medical Association president Tse Hung-hing, if a doctor is suspected of over-medicating, people should...

a. refuse to pay their drug bills.

b. contact the police.

c. contact the Department of Health

d. contact the Medical Council

e. contact the Hong Kong Medical Association

Think about

1 What are the merits of separating the power to dispense and prescribe? What are the drawbacks?

2 The story touches on accountability in the city's medical drug regime. Should the system be changed? Why?

3 What changes should be made, if any?

4 How would these changes affect doctors, pharmacists and the public?

5 Should there be different rules for doctors working in public institutions and those working in private practice?

6 How easy is it to get medication from pharmacies without a prescription? What are the dangers? How could regulations be improved?

Follow-up activities

1 When you get your next prescription, ask your doctor exactly what each medication does. Find out which ones are necessary to fight your illness and which ones only relieve symptoms.

2 Compare and contrast the different types of medication you have received from your doctor with those your peers have received recently for the same ailment.


September 8

1. c

2. c

3. d

4. b

5. d