Follow speed limits on signs, says police chief

PUBLISHED : Friday, 18 September, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 18 September, 2009, 12:00am

Drivers should follow speed limits as displayed on traffic signs, Commissioner of Police Tang King-shing says.

Tang's advice contrasts with earlier comments from Deputy Commissioner of Transport Ching Kam-cheong, who said that the police would enforce speed limits applicable to the roads as set out in the latest Government Gazette notices.

Ching said that the commissioner of transport might vary speed limits of a road section by notice in the gazette under section 40 of the Road Traffic Ordinance.

'The gazette notices have legal effect and the police will enforce the speed limits,' a transport department spokeswoman said.

But the police chief told the Southern District Council yesterday the police might not necessarily take action against speeding motorists.

Tang said that many factors had to be considered before prosecuting speeding motorists.

These factors included actual road conditions and whether there were any bends. Not every road section was suitable for prosecution against speeding, the commissioner said.

He also told the district council that the police might not enforce speeding laws on Pokfulam Road. The inaction was 'to avoid unnecessary dispute', he explained.

Tang said that drivers should follow the speed limits as displayed on the traffic signs.

The police would communicate with the Transport Department to clarify to road users the requirements in the traffic signs, he said.

Ching said there was no difference between speed limits on traffic signs and the gazette notices.

'When the commissioner of transport decides to change the speed limit of a road section, the department will request the Highways Department to erect the speed limit signs, which will be covered,' he said.

'The Transport Department will arrange with the Highways Department to uncover the speed limit signs on the same date that the new speed limit shall come into effect as stated in the gazette notice.

'The current speed limit for both the downhill- and uphill-bound carriageways in Pokfulam Road is 50 km/h. These were published in gazette notices in 2002 and 2008 respectively, and are indicated by traffic signs on site.'