Thinking outside the box

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 23 September, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 23 September, 2009, 12:00am

Boxes everywhere

There are boxes all over the place. What sort of boxes are these?

1 a black box

a. a small machine that records information about an aircraft during flight

b. a container for storing clothes

2 a cool box

a. a container with a lid that is used for keeping food and drinks cold

b. a box that keeps ice frozen for a long time

3 a deed box

a. a small container for storing CDs

b. a lockable metal box in which important documents are kept

4 a jury box

a. the place in a court room where the jury sits

b. the room where a jury waits before going into the court room

5 a musical box

a. a room where musicians rehearse

b. a decorated box that plays a tune when you open the lid

6 a safe deposit box

a. a security box in a bank where you can keep things of value

b. a box to keep jewellery in

7 a voice box

a. the organ in your throat that makes sound

b. a large and powerful microphone

8 a tool box

a. a box where you keep bread

b. a container in which you keep hammers, screw-drivers etc.

The correct box

Choose the correct box to complete the sentence.

1 When they find the (deed box / black box), they'll know more about the plane crash.

2 Are there any more small screws in the (cool box / tool box)?

3 I keep my passport in a (black box / deed box) where we store all our important household documents.

4 He won't be singing for about six months. He's damaged his (musical box / voice box).

5 Will the people in the (jury box / deed box) please stand?

6 We should hire a (cool box / safe deposit box) at the bank to store these valuable pieces of jewellery.

Boxing clever

What do these phrasal verbs mean?

1 to box clever

a. to pretend you are clever when you are not

b. to act in a very clever manner to get your own way

2 to shadow box

a. to practise boxing moves by fighting with an imaginary partner

b. to take boxing lessons at the gym

3 to box someone's ears

a. to hit someone on the ears as a punishment

b. to tell someone they have very big ears

4 to box someone in

a. to prevent someone from doing what they want to do

b. to spend a lot of unnecessary money

5 to think outside the box

a. think in a different way; creative, smart thinking

b. to consider buying someone a very expensive gift

Making sense

Complete these role-playing sentences with the correct phrase.

1 I don't want to be (boxed in / outside the box) by stupid rules.

2 I intend to (box very clever / shadow box) then I'm sure he will ask me out.

3 I've started (boxing clever / shadow boxing) at the gym and it's great for my arm muscles.

4 I will (box your ears / box you in) if you use bad language again!

5 You should (shadow box / think outside the box) on this project, then I'm sure you will get interesting results.


September 16

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