Police called over newborn's fracture

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 23 September, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 23 September, 2009, 12:00am

The parents of a girl born on Monday at Baptist Hospital called police after their baby was discovered to have a fractured leg and they found the hospital's explanation unsatisfactory.

The father, a Mr Leung from Foshan , Guangdong, said he and his wife had been expecting a 'National Day baby', with the baby due on October 1. But a check at the hospital on Monday found the baby was in distress and an immediate Caesarean delivery was required.

Leung said the delivery was completed smoothly by 6.30pm, but he was told at 9pm that his daughter had a fracture and dislocation of her right thigh and that it could be fixed with surgery for an additional fee.

He asked staff to explain how the injury could have been caused and whether it could have been the result of human error, but staff had not given a detailed response, though they said it could have been the result of complications during delivery.

He had asked to see the head of the hospital but was just referred to a patient relations officer.

Leung said a doctor, not the one who delivered the baby, told him the fracture occurred after birth, so he decided to report it to police.

A hospital spokeswoman said last night they were studying the incident and would give a detailed response on Wednesday. The Department of Health said the hospital had notified it of the case. It had requested a report and would monitor the case.

A police spokeswoman said an investigation found nothing suspicious and no one was arrested.

Leung said he would continue to push for an explanation from the hospital's management.