Investigation into street fight between pop stars

PUBLISHED : Friday, 25 September, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 25 September, 2009, 12:00am

The police will investigate a street fight between Canto-pop singer-songwriter Justin Lo Ting-wei and Taiwanese-based Malaysian-Chinese singer Gary Chaw Ge. They both apologised yesterday.

Central district's deputy commander, Superintendent Felix Law Cheuk-hung, said the police would investigate the fight, which was caught by paparazzi following the singers from Central to Admiralty early on Wednesday morning.

'At this point, we have received no reports on the case, and the only information we have comes from the media,' Law said. 'We need to find out what was really going on.'

But he said: 'fighting on the street is ... a crime.'

A police spokesman said officers would contact the people involved and witnesses.

Chaw, 30, publicly apologised last night. 'I want to apologise to Justin, his family, record company, friends and fans,' he said. 'I apologise to my record company, the people of Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China who have seen the news and saw the photos. I've made a serious mistake.'

Chaw did not go into detail on what provoked the fight, saying it was a misunderstanding. But he admitted that he had been drinking. He said he would seek professional help on his drinking if necessary and was prepared to co-operate with police.

Lo's record company, Gold Typhoon Entertainment, said it reserved the right to take legal action against Chaw, as Lo was the victim.

Chaw said he had kicked Lo in the groin, and Lo did not attempt to hit back.

Lo, 33, said on the radio: 'I, Justin, apologise for our behaviour, to our fans and society. No matter how serious the argument is, fighting on the street is wrong and ugly. It was a very stupid thing to do.'

Lo said he and Chaw had been jamming at a jazz bar and the fight was caused by misunderstandings among a group of friends.

At about 1am on Wednesday morning, the pair were reportedly at a bar on Peel Street, Central. Reporters filmed Chaw apparently having an argument with Lo outside Peel Fresco Music Lounge and pushing him to the ground.

In another video clip, the singers were seen taking a taxi together to leave Central. The taxi stopped at Admiralty, where Chaw was seen getting out and stamping on someone sitting inside.

Chaw was also seen threatening Lo with a road sign, but then put it down. The pair were separated by friends and Chaw was escorted back to his hotel in North Point.

Gold Typhoon's chief executive for Hong Kong, Chan Fai-hung, said it had not been a serious fight and the two remained friends. Lo is the godfather of Chaw's son.