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PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 29 September, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 29 September, 2009, 12:00am

Reading comprehension

Answer the following questions:

1 How did journalists uncover Andy Lau's marriage?

a. Surveillance

b. Hong Kong marriage records

c. US marriage records

d. Lau's marriage record

2 What was Lau's excuse for hiding the marriage?

a. To protect himself

b. To protect his wife

c. To protect his image

d. To protect his baby

3 Why is hiding a star's marital status a part of packaging entertainment figures to the public?

a. So they can provide juicy stories to gossip magazines

b. So they can continue dating others

c. To protect a star's family

d. To feed an adoring public's fantasy

4 According to Professor Anthony Fung Ying-him, who is at fault for stars hiding their marriages?

a. The celebrities

b. The stars' partners

c. The media

d. The entertainment industry

5 How long has it been a problem, according to Fung?

a. Always

b. Since the handover

c. Since the 1960s

d. Since the 1970s

Think about

1 What are the responsibilities celebrities have to society? Does society owe celebrities anything?

2 Is it fair to expect celebrities to be completely open about their lives?

3 To 'live in a fish bowl' means your life is entirely visible to the public. Can you think of people who 'live in a fish bowl?'

4 What would you do and how would you feel if your privacy was constantly under attack?

5 Think of some people who have handled fame well and compare them with others who haven't fared as well.

6 Paparazzi are called 'nosey invaders of privacy' but who holds the ultimate responsibility?

Do this

1 Find news stories about celebrities who have had trouble dealing with invasions of their privacy. What are their reactions? Have there been some terrible costs because of the pursuit of gossip?

2 Trace the development of paparazzi over the years. What has technology done to the industry?

3 Put on your reporter's hat and ask about some of your schoolyard gossip. How much of it is true? Look at the facts and evidence. Try to trace the source of the gossip and separate fact from fiction. Thank about what the motivations are behind the stories.


September 22

Reading comprehension: 1. b, 2. c, 3. c, 4. d