Eat yourself fit

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 04 October, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 04 October, 2009, 12:00am

Are your voracious appetite and unhealthy eating habits preventing you from getting fit? You may need to turn to Bootcamp Chef, the brainchild of Nathan Solia, founder of the Bootcamp workout programmes (which sound as gruelling as the name implies), and nutritionist and Bootcamp trainer Charbel Assaf (below).

Fortunately, Bootcamp Chef meals, which can be delivered to Central, Sheung Wan and Mid-Levels, don't sound as if you'd have to 'gird your loins' (so to speak) to be able to eat them, even though none contains more than 416 calories. Nor do you have to take part in the Bootcamp exercise regimes to enjoy them. Assaf isn't just a nutritionist, he is also the chef and owner of Lebanese restaurant Assaf on Lyndhurst Terrace in Central.

Each meal starts with soup or salad, followed by a hot beef/lamb, chicken or seafood/vegetarian dish and comes with water and a snack of seasonal fruit. The beef/lamb options include Lebanese-style lamb deluxe, healthy lasagne, Tex-Mex chili con carne (bottom) and lean beef burger; the chicken dishes include pasta Apollo (grilled breast on pasta) and yellow curry; while for pescetarians and vegetarians, there are dishes of mixed bean stew, smoked salmon with mash, fish kebab with steamed rice and tuna and egg Nicoise salad. Assaf plans to add weekly special dishes to the menu.

Assaf says making the meals for Bootcamp Chef isn't as difficult as you might expect. 'Any type of cuisine can be made healthy. The most important thing is to control the portion size,' he says.

'Bootcamp Chef meals are low-fat. We make balanced, nutritious meals using healthy oils - olive oil and sesame seed oil - with lots of vegetables. I use a lot of herbs and seasonings to add flavour.'

Bootcamp Chef meals are available for lunch or dinner, for HK$150 each, with a 5 per cent discount for an order of 12 meals, 10 per cent for 24 and 15 per cent for more than 48 meals.

For more information or to order meals, call 2869 6883 or log on to