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PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 13 October, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 13 October, 2009, 12:00am

Reading comprehension

Answer the following questions:

1 Circle the groups on which Michael Moore blames the financial meltdown.

a. big business

b. auto companies

c. finance houses

d. consumers

e. government

2 What were 19th century socialist intellectuals reacting to?

a. plague

b. imperialism

c. capitalism

d. industrial revolution

e. mercantilism

3 What did Marx believe would replace capitalism?

a. feudalism

b. tribalism

c. socialism

d. communism

4 What famous work did Marx publish?

a. Capitalists Manifesto

b. The Prince

c. The Marx Brothers Skits

d. Communist Manifesto

e. Socialist Manifesto

5 Circle what Adam Smith thinks a government should be.

a. small

b. intrusive

c. hands-off

d. advocates of free trade

e. advocates of social spending

6 According to Robert Dahl...

a. no country is totally communist.

b. no country is totally free.

c. no country is totally capitalist.

d. welfare services require taxation.

Think about

1 What are the benefits of a communist system? What type of people would like to have a system of wealth redistribution?

2 What are the benefits of a capitalist system? Why type of people would benefit most from non-governmental interference?

3 Look at the city's political parties. Which ones have socialist ideals? Which have capitalist principals?

4 When is enough enough? When should people give back to society? Pick a side and argue for or against the unlimited accumulation of wealth. How would you allocate public resources?

Follow-up activities

1 The communist party is technically illegal in Hong Kong. Why is this? Do some research and find out.

2 Nearly everyone living in Hong Kong has family stories relating to the Communist victory and rule on the mainland. Which way do your family's stories lean? Are they pro-communist or pro-capitalist? What benefits or penalties did they encounter under communist rule on the mainland or capitalist rule in Hong Kong?


October 6

Reading comprehension:

1. d, 2. b; d, 3. d, 4. a; c