Guard post at world's most expensive flats not fit for a public housing estate

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 24 October, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 24 October, 2009, 12:00am

So, flats at 39 Conduit Road are now officially the world's most expensive.

Going at HK$88,000 per sq ft, their price is really kind of obscene. But if anyone is splashing out that kind of money, surely they would expect the absolute height of luxury.

LoDown hasn't managed to get inside for a glimpse of paradise in Mid-Levels, after being told any visitor needed to make an appointment at least an hour ahead of time. But judging by a highly unassuming desk outside the Conduit Road entrance, and two security guards having their lunchbox meals there (pictured), we thought public estate guards enjoyed better facilities.

Someone from developer Henderson Land said the guards were there to control traffic and patrol the site. 'Technically, it's still a construction site,' he said. But being the landlord, couldn't Henderson have a word with the site's supervisors?

The man admitted, though, that up to 30 batches of well-heeled visitors a day, mostly from the mainland, had been making their pilgrimage to the Mid-Levels mecca.

Actually, property agents and people in expensive suits have been spotted using the old rusty desk for work in the past few days, according to a well-placed source, so apparently it wasn't just used for a quick lunch by security guards.

Imagine how it looks if a potential VIP buyer arriving in a Rolls-Royce is greeted by an agent and is asked to sign his name on that old table. Surely such VIPs would expect a more stylish guard post!