Ghost Ship

PUBLISHED : Friday, 30 October, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 30 October, 2009, 12:00am

Ghost Ship is a true story about spooky happenings at sea. Listen to the conversation about the mysterious ship called the Marie Celeste. Then select the correct answers for the following questions.

Question 1

When was the Marie Celeste found?

a. 08/11/1892

b. 11/08/1872

c. 08/12/1872

d. 07/17/1882

Question 2

Where was the Dei Gratia returning from?

a. Europe

b. Gibraltar

c. the United States

d. Spain

Question 3

What had the weather been like during the voyage?

Question 4

Who raised the alarm on the Dei Gratia?

Question 5

What was the captain of the Dei Gratia's reaction when he saw the Marie Celeste?

a. anger and frustration

b. great concern

c. pleasure and happiness

d. hatred

Question 6

How was the ship travelling?

a. in a perfectly straight line

b. backwards and forwards

c. from side to side in no particular direction

d. towards Gibraltar

Question 7

Who could the captain see on the decks?

a. four sailors

b. not a single person

c. the ship's captain

d. some pirates

Question 8

What were the sailors like when they returned to their ship?

a. confused but happy

b. sad and worried

c. scared and alarmed

d. tired and angry

Question 9

What evidence did they find that showed the Marie Celeste had been recently abandoned?

a. a few dead bodies

b. partly eaten food

c. some prisoners

d. a few live animals

Question 10

What condition was the ship in?

a. badly damaged

b. damaged slightly

c. good condition

d. old-fashioned

Question 11

Some people thought that the crew of the Marie Celeste had ...

a. become pirates.

b. vanished into thin air.

c. died of a mysterious illness.

d. gone to Gibraltar.

Question 12

Which of these headlines might have appeared in the Gibraltar newspapers on December 10?

a. Dead bodies found on abandoned ship

b. Inquiry begins to solve mystery of deserted ship

c. Captain of Marie Celeste arrested

d. Mystery of deserted ship solved


1. c, 2. c, 3. a, 4. b, 5. b, 6. c, 7. b, 8. c, 9. b, 10. c, 11. c, 12. b