On style, she rules

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 01 November, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 01 November, 2009, 12:00am

I loved the Steven Meisel photos of Rihanna in Italian Vogue. Where can I get those fab finger cover things?

Going Under Covers, Sheung Wan

The Dictator rules: Oh dear. It's all so wrong. Wrong Steven: it was Klein, not Meisel, who did the cover shoot for Vogue Italia's September issue Extreme Couture supplement. Wrong inspiration; you should know better than to think that all looks from the runways and magazine fashion spreads are meant for real life. Even the brands, who aim to sell you stuff, are aware of this. In fact, Chanel boutiques in Hong Kong won't be selling those sheer finger covers. Erickson Beamon (1/F, 18 Queen's Road Central, tel: 2118 3489) did diamante-encrusted ones in the same photo shoot. We were about to tell you that those are only available by special order from New York (e-mail: beyond7@showroomseven.com or call: 1 646 619 6857). However, Hong Kong has been honoured with an early launch of its 2010 collection, which includes said finger covers (HK$4,450 each) Otherwise, arm yourself with a pair of scissors and maybe even a glue gun, buy a cheap pair of sheer or lace gloves, and get busy. One more thing: if you're going to bring that much attention to your digits, they'd better be manicured.

I want to revisit the halcyon days of the late 1970s and early 80s when I wore those Dr Marten alternatives, monkey boots. Do they still exist and if so, are they available in Hong Kong?

Monkeying About, Happy Valley

The Dictator: 'No' is the word of the week. So, to answer your question: no. As in, no, this style actually first emerged in the 60s. And no, the original monkey boots aren't sold here. The great triumph or failure of global branding, depending on how you look at it, is that the only place selling monkey boots in Hong Kong is ... Dr Martens. To the untrained eye, these laced ankle boots look similar to combat boots but have a lightweight rubber sole. The Dr Martens Prism collection includes the three-eye, supple suede monkey boots in brown or black (HK$899 to HK$1,079; B7, Sheraton Hotel, Tsim Sha Tsui, tel: 2369 6881). Dear old Amazon.co.uk will sell you the classic Grafters monkey boots (about HK$506, not including shipping). Back home in Hong Kong, Camper sells monkey-like ankle boots which might appeal, too (HK$1,899 to HK$2,199; I.T, G/F, 6 Cleveland Street, Causeway Bay, tel: 2504 0025).

I've heard about these fantastic sponge things that remove deodorant white marks and other stains. How can I get my hands on some?

Bad Marks, The Peak

The Dictator: Yes, that's what we all need in our lives: another esoteric, single-purpose product. OK, the effective, reusable, lightweight and portable little Miss Oops Rescue Sponges are actually rather ingenious. (Why didn't we think of them first?) We're being teased with the promise that they might be coming to Hong Kong soon. Until then, you can buy them on various websites, including the official missoops.com. These dry sponges are sold in pairs for US$10 (plus about HK$270 for delivery) and delivery is free for orders of US$100 or more. They're also safe to use on all fabrics and promise to remove most deodorant and make-up marks. Just remember to read the instructions first. Or, you could address the original problem and get a non-marking deodorant.