PUBLISHED : Monday, 02 November, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 02 November, 2009, 12:00am

Let's consider other power sources

More and more countries are using solar and wind power to replace oil and coal as energy sources, proving they are feasible alternatives.

The advantage of solar power is it produces no pollution and is abundant in sunny weather. Wind power is also non-polluting.

But both alternative power sources have their drawbacks.

The biggest one is that both are expensive to set up on a large scale, and governments are often reluctant to spend the money required, especially in poor countries.

An alternative, I think, is bio-fuel. It is cheaper to produce than solar and wind power, making it a financially viable alternative to traditional power sources. Bio-fuel can even be produced by individuals such as farmers.

Both solar and wind power have pros and cons, and bio-fuel is also a good choice.

I hope we can start to move towards better energy sources.

Karman Lam

Everyone can pass on the love

Have you heard a song called Pass It On? This song tells us to pass love on to everyone. This is important because love can make everyone happy.

We can pass on our love everywhere, for example, at home. This we can do in many ways, such as helping our mother with housework.

We can pass on our love at school, too. If a classmate is having problems with homework, we can help them.

We can pass on our love to anyone.

We can give love to orphans by donating clothes or money. We can give money to beggars on the roadside.

Everyone has a right to receive love and pass it on.

Ho Yu-yee, SKH Lam Kau Mow Secondary School

Think twice about drug testing

I don't think the drug testing scheme will work in schools because of two reasons.

First of all, students can cheat and alter the test results.

The aim of the scheme is to find out which students are taking drugs and give them a chance to change. But if students are afraid to let people know they are taking drugs, they can refuse the test or cheat. If they are cheating, the whole scheme is pointless.

Secondly, students who are taking drugs will be afraid that if friends or family know, it will disappoint them. The revelation could cause huge damage to their self-esteem and their relationships with friends and family.

The government should think twice about drug testing.

I don't see it as an effective deterrent to drug users, and it might do more damage than good.

Kristy Chan, The Chinese Foundation Secondary School

Learn languages for the right reason

Putonghua, the most widely spoken language in the world, is becoming more and more popular. People overseas are learning it because China is turning increasingly powerful in the world.

It is great more people are learning the language, but I also think, when we learn a language, we have to learn about the culture of the place where the language is spoken.

Learning a language is about more than simply memorising it. What's more, it should be something you are genuinely interested in, or you will probably not learn it very well. Some people just learn languages - it might be Spanish or Japanese - because they think it will be good for their careers. They take no pleasure in learning the language so they do not learn it well.

Hong Kong is a good example. Everybody learns English and Chinese, but very few achieve fluency in both tongues.

I hope anyone who is learning a foreign language can pause and think about why they are learning it.

Wong Yee-ting, True Light Girls' College