youth drug abuse

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 05 November, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 05 November, 2009, 12:00am

Read the following questions carefully and choose the correct answers

1 What kind of behaviour are parents hiring private detectives to investigate?

a. bullying

b. drug abuse

c. theft

d. compensated dating

2 According to the head of the detective agency Morgan Company, who is usually the targets of their investigations?

a. teenage boys from underprivileged families

b. teenage girls from underprivileged families

c. teenage boys from middle-class families

d. teenage girls from middle-class families

3 How long does it usually take for detectives to find out whether a teen is using drugs?

a. a month

b. two weeks

c. four to five days

d. half a year

4 What was social worker Lai Kui-yuen's recommendation about the drug-testing scheme?

a. private detectives should help with investigations

b. all findings must be kept confidential

c. parents should be urged to stop spying on their children after the implementation of the drug testing scheme

d. teachers should devote more time to helping pupils with drug problems

Think about

1 What makes parents spy on their children? Do they not trust their children? How does that mistrust start?

2 What are the advantages of hiring private detectives to track what teenagers are up to? What are the negative consequences of doing this?

3 Do you think keeping a watchful eye on what teenagers are doing is an effective way to ensure good behaviour?

4 Are teenagers entitled to some privacy? How much privacy do you think they should have?

5 Apart from spying on them, what else can parents do to ensure their children say 'no' to drugs?

6 Are there any positive ways to monitor the activities of children?

Follow-up activities

1 Check out the harmful effects of party drugs such as ecstasy, ketamine and methamphetamine.

2 Read news reports about the pilot drug-testing scheme that is poised to start in Tai Po schools. Think about the arguments about students' privacy by advocates and opponents of the scheme.


October 29

Reading comprehension 1. c, 2. c, 3. a, 4. b