For and against an argument

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 10 November, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 10 November, 2009, 12:00am

'This house believes students should never take on part-time employment while they are at school or college'

Many school and college students take on a part-time job during holidays, at weekends or during after-school hours. They do this for a variety of reasons, but mainly to earn a bit of extra cash.

The benefits and drawbacks of teenagers getting part-time jobs are frequently discussed by parents, employers, education experts and teens themselves.

Lots of people have a point of view on this hot topic. Benny and Kate, our two top debaters, have different views on this issue and have organised a debate to see what other students think.

The motion: Part-time jobs are not a good idea.

For the motion

Kate is for the motion. She once worked at a library and believes the job had a negative effect on her life. She has also written some notes for the debate. Can you complete them?

1 If a teenager's free time is taken up with a job ______________

a. relationships will suffer because there will be little time to spend with friends.

b. friends will disappear because they will be jealous.

2 Teens who work part-time ______________

a. spend less quality time with their families.

b. spend too much time doing nothing.

3 Students who have part-time jobs devote ______________

a. more time to their studies and score top marks.

b. less time to their studies, so they achieve lower grades.

4 Outside school, a teen's time ______________

a. should be spent on extra-curricular activities and relaxing.

b. should be spent at an office.

5 School and college work can be stressful and doing a part-time job ______________

a. just adds more stress to a teen's life.

b. is a wonderful way to relax.

6 If a teenager has a job to do in the evening, they will ______________

a. often have to rush or neglect their homework.

b. spend more time on their homework than is necessary.

7 Earning a wage when you're too young ______________

a. gives a teenager wrong ideas about the power of money.

b. makes a teen more sociable and responsible.

Against the motion

Benny is against the motion. He has a part-time job as a caddy at a Hong Kong golf course. He believes that having a job is good for a student in many ways. He has written some notes about what he is going to say during the debate. Can you complete his notes?

1 Having a part-time job makes a teenager ______________

a. feel more independent and confident.

b. feel undervalued and shy.

2 A part-time job helps a student to ______________

a. explore potential career choices and choose the right job.

b. decide to do the part-time job full-time.

3 Students who have a part-time job learn to ______________

a. depend on other people's help.

b. develop a sense of responsibility.

4 Earning your own money as a teenager helps ______________

a. young people to manage their own finances.

b. to spoil your social life.

5 A part-time job teaches useful work skills that ______________

a. you can't learn at school.

b. are of no value later in life.

6 Holiday and after-school jobs can teach teens how to ______________

a. not fit into a system.

b. get on with fellow workers and superiors.

7 Having a part-time job teaches skills ______________

a. your parents need.

b. you will need when you are an adult.

now do this

Your turn to debate

Now you have seen what Benny and Kate think about teenagers having a part-time job, who do you agree with? Can you think of more points either for or against the motion? Hold a debate with your classmates on this interesting topic.