Don't turn your nose up

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 25 November, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 25 November, 2009, 12:00am

Nose out the answers

Can you nose out the meanings of these nosey nouns?

1 a nose cone

a. the front part of a spaceship, aircraft or missile

b. a pointed hat that wizards wear

2 a nose job

a. a very bad cold

b. an operation to change the shape of your nose

3 a Roman nose

a. a long and pointed nose

b. a nose that is higher than usual on the bridge between the eyes

4 a snub nose

a. a big, fat nose

b. a nose that is short and turns up at the tip

5 a nose bleed

a. a sudden flow of blood out of the nostrils

b. a spot on the end of your nose

6 nose drops

a. liquid that you squirt up the nose from a small plastic bottle to relieve congestion

b. a beauty preparation that you rub on your nose to get rid of blackheads

7 a nose dive

a. an elegant dive in a competition

b. a sudden plunge by an aircraft towards the ground

Follow your nose

Look at these snippets of dialogue and then decide what each one is telling or asking you. There are more answers than you need.

1 Don't look down your nose at me

2 Can you nose out the full details of the accident?

3 Don't cut off your nose to spite your face

4 Follow your nose

5 You are really getting up my nose

6 Keep your nose clean

7 Keep your nose out of my business, please

8 Keep your nose to the grindstone

a. Don't engage in an act of anger or revenge that will hurt you more than it hurts anyone else.

b. Don't treat me as if I am not as good as you.

c. You are really making me angry.

d. Continue working hard all the time.

e. Can you search carefully for all the details of the accident?

f. Make sure you avoid getting into trouble.

g. Can you hide all the details of the accident?

h. Do what your instinct tells you.

i. Do not meddle in my affairs.

j. You have given me a bad cold.

Nose in context

Complete the following sentences with the correct phrase.

1 He loves reading. He's had (his nose in a book / his nose to the grindstone) all holiday.

2 You have made her very annoyed and angry. This time you've really (put her nose out of joint / put her nose in the air).

3 Can't you see it? It's right (behind your nose / under your nose).

4 That camera is far too expensive. You've really paid (on the nose / through the nose).

5 What has happened is obvious. It's (as plain as the nose on your face / nose to nose).


November 18

Front phrases: 1. b, 2. a, 3. b, 4. b, 5. a, 6. a

Match them up: 1. h, 2. d, 3. a, 4. g, 5. f, 6. c, 7. i

All about the front: 1. cold front, 2. up front, 3. back to front, 4. brave front, 5. front page, 6. back to front