His and her styles get on swimmingly

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 10 April, 1994, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 10 April, 1994, 12:00am

THE best images of summer's idyllic days have been captured by Triumph International in its Happy Days swimwear collection - of sleek yachts in Mediterranean harbours; diving into azure seas; and tropical blooms in all their brilliant colours.

The new line has a rich and varied look that has been created with a nautical theme, contrasting ideas in black and white, a trip to a tropical island, an underwater perspective and children at play.

Deep, burning tropical colours and lush, wild blooms combine on swimming suits that transport you to an island paradise.

Bold combinations of primary hues, subtle pastel shades, and sultry gold and black designs all sizzle with the heat of the season.

Hong Kong may be a long way from the Mediterranean, but it is not far away from the latest poolside and junk party panache from Triumph.

Whether you dream of sleek yachts, sporty dinghies, classic cruisers or junks, Happy Days creates the mood for adventure that puts a feminine twist on a male tradition.

Classic naval shades of red, white and blue form the basis of the designs.

For contrast, there is black and white, which is both stark and austere, and dynamic and invigorating.

Warm, rich colours bloom in sensuous curved flower forms against black and white.

Inspired by the tang of a sea breeze, the crash of waves on the shore and the cooling depths of the ocean, Happy Days features marine motifs, including multi-coloured fish.

The collection is based on the versatile one-piece swimsuit, which comes in a range of cuts and styles to flatter any figure.

Another Triumph line that combines the innovative with the comfortable is the Bee Dees range of swimwear for teenagers and young women. Bee Dees epitomises the brilliant and daring, and the bold and dazzling.

The range comes in a kaleidoscope of colours, and in prints and designs that are fun to wear.

Crisp gingham is scattered with bouquets of daisies; laughing clowns are in bright chalky colours.

Lime green is teamed with black, shimmering rainbow stripes; blocks of bold primary hues are dazzling.

Flattering cuts are comfortable and allow unrestricted movement - an important consideration for active women.

Choose from one-piece suits and the shorts-and-top look.