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PUBLISHED : Thursday, 26 November, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 26 November, 2009, 12:00am

Question 1

Complete Vivienne Chow's business card.

Vivienne Chow

_______ _______ and ______ reporter

South China Morning Post

Newspaper division of SCMP Group

Question 2

Which TV operator recently won the rights to broadcast the English Premier League for the next three seasons?

a. ATV

b. TVB

c. Cable TV

d. Now TV

Question 3

What do soccer fans in general think about the latest shift in the broadcasting rights for the English Premier League?

a. happy

b. unhappy

c. angry

d. confused

Question 4

Why are they reluctant to subscribe to the new broadcaster of the football matches?

i They just don't have the energy and time to change their pay-TV operator frequently.

ii. They can watch the matches on the internet instead of subscribing to the pay-TV service.

iii. They are not happy with the operator's service.

a. i) only

b. i) and ii)

c. ii) and iii)

d. all of the above.

Question 5

Why do TV operators want to win the rights to broadcast English Premier League matches?

a. Because it is economical to do so.

b. The English Premier League is very popular in Hong Kong and operators believe it can boost viewing rates.

c. They want to promote English football in Hong Kong.

d. The English Premier League is the only European football league they can broadcast in Hong Kong.

Question 6

Industry insiders speculate that Cable TV paid at least ____ to secure the rights to show English Premier League games.

a. HK$180 million

b. HK$200 million

c. US$180 million

d. US$200 million

Question 7

What do business executives from TV stations think of using important events such as the English Premier League as a way to raise subscription rates?

a. They think it is a cost-effective investment.

b. They think it helps improve their company's image in the long term.

c. They believe they can lure customers from their competitors.

d. They think the rise in subscription rates cannot offset the high price they pay for the rights.

Question 8

Cable TV and Now TV were also thinking about buying the rights to broadcast La Liga, another foreign football league. Which country hosts this league?

a. France

b. Spain

c. Brazil

d. Germany

Question 9

Cable TV is also involved in a dispute with free-to-air TVB and ATV over the broadcast of ...

a. La Liga

b. The Olympics

c. World Cup 2010

d. South Africa Cup

Question 10

According to a Fifa document, Cable TV has to sell ____ matches of this event to free-to-air TV channels.

a. four out of 64

b. four out of 22

c. 22 out of 64

d. 32 out of 64

Question 11

According to critics, what problems in the media industry do the rows highlight?

a. Free-to-air TV broadcasters can dominate major sports events.

b. Pay-TV operators can manipulate coverage of major sports events with free-to-air broadcasters

c. The public are missing out on major sports events because pay-TV operators fail to secure broadcasting rights.

d. Private media organisations can monopolise major sports events and people who cannot afford to subscribe to their services will be missing out.

Question 12

Critics suggest setting up a law to ensure people can see certain hours of important sports events for free. What is it called?

a. an anti-monopoly law

b. an anti-siphoning law

c. a competition law

d. an anti-competition law


1. creative industry and entertainment, 2. c, 3. b, 4. d, 5. b, 6. d, 7. d, 8. b, 9. c, 10. c, 11. d, 12. b