PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 09 December, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 09 December, 2009, 12:00am

'Money hasn't changed who I am. My feet are still on the ground. I just wear better shoes' Oprah Winfrey - American millionaire talk show host.

Pass me my shoes

A shoe is something you wear on your foot, but there are many kinds of shoes. What sort of footwear are the following?

1 clogs

a. lightweight shoes made of plastic with straps across the front and no heels

b. heavy shoes made of wood, or with the top part made of leather and the sole of wood

2 dress shoes

a. black shoes worn with a suit for a formal occasion

b. lightweight shoes worn with a dress in summer

3 mules

a. men's shoes with a heavy sole

b. women's shoes that have no back

4 wellingtons

a. waterproof boots that come up to the knees

b. short boots that come just above the ankles

5 stilettos

a. women's shoes with very high and thin heels

b. plastic shoes with no heels

6 slip-ons

a. shoes with no fastenings that can be put on and taken off quickly

b. soft shoes for babies

7 sandals

a. light summer shoes with the bottom part held onto the foot by straps

b. shoes for rainy weather

8 trainers

a. children's shoes made of rubber

b. light, comfortable shoes for wearing while playing sport

Sort out the shoes

Rearrange the letters in brackets to find out what types of shoes are mentioned in these dialogues. Then read the dialogues aloud.

1 You can't wear those old (R T N I R A S E) to the party.

- Why not? I think they look cool.

2 What shoes are you going to put on?

- Well, we're going to the beach later, so I'm going to put on my new (S S N A L A D).

3 I think it's going to pour with rain later today.

- That's okay. I've got my (L L S O N T G N I E W) in the car.

4 - What shoes do you wear at work?

- I always change into a pair of comfortable (U S E M L) as soon as I get there.

5 These are the most comfortable shoes I've ever had.

- I can't wear (P N S S I L O). They always give me blisters on my heels.

6 I read somewhere that people in Holland wear (S C G O L) all the time.

- I went to Amsterdam last year and I didn't see anyone wearing them.

Cilla's shoes

Cilla loves shoes. She cannot resist buying a new pair of shoes if she has the money. Let's open her shoe cupboard and have a look at some of the shoes she bought recently.

1 court shoes

a. girl's and women's beach sandals made of rubber

b. women's shoes with raised heels and no straps to fasten the shoes to the feet

2 espadrilles

a. shoes made of fabric with soles made of rope

b. expensive leather shoes with very high heels

3 lace-ups

a. sports shoes that slip onto the feet with no fastenings

b. shoes that fasten using leather or some other material

4 flip-flops

a. open shoes made of rubber with a strap that goes between the big and the second toe

b. shoes that keep your feet dry in wet weather

5 ankle boots

a. high boots that come halfway up the legs

b. short boots that cover only the feet and the ankles

6 slippers

a. soft shoes for wearing indoors

b. shoes used for playing tennis


December 2

Let's go for a drive: 1. b, 2. a, 3. b, 4. a, 5. a, 6. a

You drive me crazy: 1. a, 2. h, 3. e, 4. b, 5. f, 6. c

Role playing: 1. driving me crazy, 2. up the wall, 3. drive yourself into the ground, 4. drive off into the sunset, 5. drive a wedge between us

Correct choice: 1. sales drive, 2. economy drive, 3. fly-drive holiday, 4. test drive, 5. drive-in