Sprint monopoly all in the training

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 16 December, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 16 December, 2009, 12:00am

One of the biggest headaches facing the Jockey Club for the international meeting is in attracting top horses from the UK or Europe for the Hong Kong Sprint and top trainer John Moore believes it is all in the training.

Much has been made of the fact every Hong Kong Sprint winner has been Australian-bred, and those horses also became serious players in the sprints at Royal Ascot each year as soon as they started to go there.

But Moore thinks it is a false indicator only to look at Australian breeding as the advantage over those bred in Great Britain or Europe.

'You've got to remember there are so many horses shuttling these days and for 10 years now there have been good Australian stallions going to Europe with those speed bloodlines. And they are breeding them with the right mares to get speed horses but then it's a matter of how you train them. If you train speed into them and train them to do the job, you might get a different result.'

Moore said his own experience of seeing how 'old world' horses are trained during his frequent buying trips has him convinced that's where the difference lies.

'And it's up to the English or Europeans probably to say if that's the way things are done in Australia or here in Hong Kong, then they ought to take a leaf out of that book and train them a bit the same way if they want to produce sprinters which can compete on this stage,' he said.