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Man with a mission positive

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 17 December, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 17 December, 2009, 12:00am

Name: Stephen Chan Chi-wan

Occupation: general manager of Television Broadcasting Limited

Star sign: Sagittarius

On my play list: a range of music, from Canto-pop to jazz and bossa nova, anything that swings me. I really like Sarah Brightman

Hobbies: Travelling around the world, and singing

The Man: I was a big baby - 5.1kg at birth - and staying fit has been a lifelong struggle. But I have never lacked self-confidence.

My father worked in advertising and my mother was a housewife. I have an elder sister and we're very close. My mother was lenient but my father was very strict. Later, my sister and I realised that he was only pretending to be tough and he loved us very much.

I loved singing and being a mimic for people when I was young, and I performed at family gatherings and parties whenever I could. I took some part-time and summer jobs. My first job was a part-time shoe salesman when I was in Form Four.

I later worked as an office assistant at a trading firm, before becoming a part-time tour escort. Taking care of Hong Kong tourists in other places and helping tour guides was an enriching experience. I learned to communicate and to be humble. You need to know how to communicate before you can manage people, and communication is not about expressing yourself but about listening to others.

After graduating from secondary school, I studied English at the University of Hong Kong. I took courses in English literature and linguistics. I was interested in both theatre and linguistics, but this was an unacceptable combination - you had to choose one or the other. I wrote a paper to the counsel and fought for a course combination. When it was approved, I learned that anything is possible.

I started my career in 1981 working as a government administrative officer. In 1982, I went to study at Oxford for a year. In 1987, I was stationed in London and had to socialise with a lot of new faces, but it was good for my people skills.

When I returned to Hong Kong in 1991, I was assigned to the Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority. I left after 11 months and joined the media.

I love working in the media. I had been involved in the media since I was an undergraduate. I was on ETV in sceondary school. While I was as an administrative officer, I worked part-time at RTHK. When I was in London, I worked part-time at the Chinese service of BBC.

Influences: My experience has helped me to succeed, but my main influence and support was my family. My parents taught me to be positive. I was particularly close to my mother and when she passed away it had a strong impact on me. I think it is important to promote life education for young people.

The future: I can't say that I have a big influence in the media, but I hope to contribute to society. I also want to enrich my life and find new directions. I want to inspire and be inspired.


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