Stay away from people who take drugs

PUBLISHED : Monday, 28 December, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 28 December, 2009, 12:00am

Taking drugs can destroy the future of teenagers. They can also die of drug overdose.

But many teenagers still take drugs. Some think drugs can help solve their problems. They are wrong. There will be more misery and things will never improve unless they kick their bad habit. Some young people take drugs out of curiosity and become addicted while others do so because they want to fit in with the crowd.

Drugs also damage teenagers' health.

The best solution is to stay away from people who take drugs. It is important for us to have a healthy lifestyle. We should say 'no' to drugs.

Zoie Ho Wing-yan, St Antonius Girls' College

From the Editor

Thank you for your letter, Zoie. Many people who use drugs believe that it is their right to choose whether or not they use them. But as anyone who has had a drug addict in their family will tell you, the whole family is affected by the user. Often this amounts to financial costs of tens of thousands of dollars in money stolen to buy drugs, time off work to care for the addict, medical fees and/or judicial fines. The family also blames themselves and often need counselling to help them cope.

The addict can become violent, destroy property at home and become abusive towards parents and siblings. Family relationships break down because parents focus all their attention on the addict, leaving other siblings to fend for themselves and neglecting their own relationship.

Also, because drugs are illegal, the addict's buying of drugs supports organised crime of human trafficking and prostitution.

If the drug of choice is cocaine, there is also an association with widespread torture, abuse, death, poverty, and environmental havoc.

So no, this is not about the drug abuser's 'choice'. Their choice affects many people and the need to consider that before they take drugs.