Who's who in the news

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 30 December, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 30 December, 2009, 12:00am

a. This mainland man was sentenced to 11 years in prison for 'inciting subversion of state power'. He co-wrote the Charter 08 proposal a year ago. It called for more civil liberties, the rule of law and an end to one-party rule. He also published pro-democracy articles online. His lawyer said he was just using his right to free speech, which is protected under mainland law.

b. This young man has become an internet folk hero after managing to evade police since 2008. Dubbed the 'Barefoot Bandit' because he throws off his shoes just before running, he is wanted for burglary, and in connection with armed robbery and stealing and crashing two planes. His mother said: 'I hope ... he stole those planes - I would be so proud.'

c. This young Australian sailor has marked her 70th day at sea in her solo round-the-world effort. She has travelled 8,000 nautical miles since leaving Sydney on her pink yacht on October 18. She is trying to become the youngest person to sail unassisted around the world. She has yet to face any sort of big storm but has been facing some huge swells and strong winds in the Southern Ocean.

d. This woman caused a stir in Rome on December 24. She jumped over the barriers and knocked the Pope to the ground during midnight mass at St Peter's Basilica. She said she wanted to tell the Pope to help the weak people in the world. Apparently she did the same thing last year. During the fracas, French Cardinal Roger Etchegaray broke his hip and needed surgery.

e. This young Australian musician died in Hong Kong after taking drugs. He and his friend snorted an unknown cocktail of drugs at the Kimberley Hotel last weekend. He was part of a youth orchestra which was due to perform in Hong Kong for the first time. His friend, who also took the drugs which they got from a doorman at a night club, recovered and is back in Australia.