PUBLISHED : Monday, 11 January, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 11 January, 2010, 12:00am


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Bananas can change your life

My life changed after my mother started a 'Banana Campaign' at our home. Starting last month, my mother began giving me a banana before I left home for school. When I arrived at school, I ate it for breakfast.

Before that, I rarely had breakfast. But, about two weeks after my mother launched her campaign, my life started to change. For example, my pimples began to clear up. Before I started eating breakfast, I used to feel drowsy in the mornings and found it difficult to stay awake. After I started eating a banana every morning, I began to have more energy.

My mother explained that bananas are good for your stomach. They can clean waste food and even help your body get rid of toxins. But, she explained to me, the trick is to only eat bananas and water and nothing else.

Perhaps this is not particularly scientific, but it worked well for my mother and me. Why don't you have a banana campaign of your own in the year ahead and see what it does for your health and well-being?

Cherry Lai, Hang Seng School of Commerce

Pseudo models are an unhealthy trend

Many young models will do anything to get publicity from newspapers, magazines and television. In fact, being a superstar is a dream for many teenagers. The problem is that today more and more teenagers think they can get fame just based on their looks and nothing else.

I don't think it is a problem to dream of success if you are willing to work hard to get your name out there and achieve your targets.

But if being 'sexy' is your only selling point I don't see this as much of a dream. Besides, the so-called pseudo models create social problems.

First of all, the price of fame and fortune is too high. They might gain popularity and publicity by stripping off their clothes in Central or selling photo albums with pictures of themselves in scantily clad poses. But, apart from that, they are not contributing anything to society.

Second, the sort of publicity they generate sends the wrong message to teenagers. Girls in bikinis cannot be role models for anyone.

Overall, this is an unhealthy trend, and pseudo models are lowering the moral standards of our society.

Last but not the least, pseudo models promote unnecessary products, leading teenagers to waste their money on photo albums and other related items they really do not need.

I hope people can see this trend for what it is.

Ruby Li, Tin Ka Ping Secondary School

Home economics is important

Nowadays, many women stay at home to take care of their children. Some children even have a helper. Maids prepare meals, sweep the house, wash the dishes and clothes, and even help the children to get dressed.

This means that, for a lot of children, their only responsibility is to focus on their studies and do well in exams. The downside, however, is children do not know how to take care of themselves and be independent.

For this reason, I think home economics lessons are extremely useful. In the lessons, students learn how to cook - how to fry, how to steam and how to bake.

They also learn safety precautions in the kitchen, and the importance of personal and food hygiene.

Another useful thing to learn is needlework. It might not seem so important nowadays, but it can come in very handy as you grow older and start a family. If you can patch your bags, jeans or clothes, you will be less likely to throw things away and lead a more environmentally friendly life. You will also save more money.

In conclusion, home economics lessons are very useful for students. They are practical and you can learn to be less dependent on your parents

Mak Lai-man, SKH Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School