PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 20 January, 2010, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 20 January, 2010, 12:00am

Students have no time to think

Hong Kong students cannot think as freely as their parents do. Almost every day after school, they have to take part in various extra-curricular activities. When they return home, they do their homework, have dinner and go to bed.

I am not saying taking music or sports lessons is not a good thing. Teachers always encourage students to think outside the box. But they do not have time for that. With their lives being 'planned', it's hard for them to be creative and independent.

Jackey Cheung Wai-yu

Being famous comes with a price

Celebrities have much less privacy compared to ordinary people. Paparazzi follow entertainers wherever they go and take pictures, hoping these photos and stories will boost the circulation of their publications. This should not be encouraged.

It is true that celebrities should get used to working under the spotlight. It is fine to take photographs of celebrities at promotions and press conferences. But it is not necessary to reveal their personal lives to the public.

Famous people are the same as us - they need to eat, sleep and date. Some people say: 'Celebrities should think carefully before they join the industry. Privacy is the cost of being famous and popular.'

I don't agree. When celebrities go on a date, shopping or sightseeing with their family, they should be left alone. If you put yourself in the celebrities' shoes, you will understand how depressing it is to lose your privacy. We should respect celebrities and not pry into their private lives. Otherwise, some of them may quit the industry and their fans will lose out.

Brian Tsang, HK & KLN CCPA Ma Chung Sum Secondary School

Need for proper sex education

It is worrying that a lot of girls think compensated dating is acceptable. I believe a lack of proper sex education in schools is a major reason behind this alarming trend.

Many traditional Chinese regard sex as a taboo subject. Hence, we may be sending out the wrong message that sex does not deserve our attention. We put very little emphasis on sex education.

Teenagers might wrongly think that sex is just a game and they do not have to bear any responsibility. This serious consequence is revealed in compensated dating.

In view of the importance of sex education, different sectors of the community should take action to stop the problem. Sex education should be taught formally.

The government should launch more sex-education campaigns to promote the issue. It should also include sex education in the curriculum in secondary schools. By doing this, students would have a channel to ask questions about sex.

Parents should not be embarrassed to talk about the subject. They should guide their children onto the right track and discuss with them the risks of premarital sex.

We should join forces to provide better sex education for the young generation - the future pillars of society.

Yvonne Tam, Hang Seng School of Commerce

Not enough variety in school meals

I don't think the lunch in my school is very good. The school doesn't offer too many kinds of food too choose from. The same meal is served again almost every two to three days. I think the school should change the caterer.

If there's a new caterer, more students would eat the food.

I usually bring lunch prepared by myself or my family. We can control the amount of oil we use and cook what I like.

Also the tuck shop is too expensive and not all students can afford to buy food there. And most of the food is not healthy.

Lara Law